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CBD Done Right & Just for Pets. It's Solventless!


Dog and DVM during check-up.

Solventless and Solvent-FREE are NOT the same.
VetsGrade All-Natural, Organic, Soy-Free Products


Our Process

At VetsGrade, we prioritize your pet's well-being and steer clear of harsh chemicals. Our commitment to delivering the highest quality pet products led us to develop a unique mechanical extraction process for our full spectrum rosins. This innovative method ensures that our products are pure and solventless, providing you and your beloved pet with a safe and natural experience. Choose VetsGrade for chemical-free pet care solutions you can trust. For us it's solventless or the highway!

Man's Best Friend Takes On A Whole New Meaning

At VetsGrade, our mission is rooted in a deep love and commitment to our furry friends, both dogs and cats. Our Founder, Anthony Kilissanly, was profoundly affected when his cherished dog, Bosco, received a devastating cancer diagnosis. This personal experience compelled Anthony to seek a more compassionate way to care for his beloved pet. Motivated by unwavering determination and a strong dedication to providing superior products, Anthony embarked on a journey that ultimately gave birth to VetsGrade.